Welcome to the MTYS Recreational League Site

The primary focus of this league is to provide a solid environment for players to get better and have fun while doing it.


Monroe Township Youth Soccer is a Non-Profit organization with the sole purpose of providing a place for youth to play soccer. We are independent from the township and receive no external funding from the township. All of the MTYS registration fees and fundraising is how we maintain our fields (which the club owns) and keep the club running. There are no paid individuals on the board of the club and parent volunteers are always needed. Please email info@mtys.org if you are interested in volunteering.

The Recreational League is the largest of the leagues here at MTYS with players ranging from ages 5 to 13 playing. While there are some players that will move from this league into our travel programs which start at the age of 7, other players will continue to enjoy the In-house program. MTYS as a rule will do their best to always provide a place to play for anyone who is interested in soccer.

The Recreational league is broken down into 4 basic groups which may vary slightly based upon the number of signups. Please keep in mind that ages for soccer do not follow a calendar year, so while your child may be 5 now, they may be a micro player based upon the birth date. To figure out your age group, it is whatever your age is on August 1st. For example if you are 5 but were born on July 31st, you will be a Micro player since you will be 6 on August 1st.


New Rec Age Groupings as of Fall 2024


Ages 3-4  /  5 year olds can  play only if it is their first time ever playing soccer




Players age 4 and 5, this group is designed to develop an interest in soccer without any pressure. This group meets 1 day a week, on Sundays for both practice and a 'game' in the same day. This age group is all about FUN!!


Players age 6 and 7, this is the first age group that we separate the boys from the girls. Also in this age group we start to give a bit of structure to the game. FUN should still be the primary focus of this age and as such no standings are kept. All games for both boys and girls are on Saturdays. Teams have training on Mon or Tues with a professional training company, and then another practice of the coaches choosing.


Players age 8 - 10, this age group is where we start to really see the game take shape. Typically we have 7v7 in this age group. This program again should be centered around a good balance of learning and fun. Players who are looking for a higher level of competition should tryout out for a travel team. Games are held on Saturday for the boys and Sundays for the girls. Coaches hold practices are their discretion.


Players 11 - 13, this age group is designed to give those players who either do not want to play travel or did not make a travel team a place to play. The program is designed to help players improve all of their individual and team skills. Academy games are all on Sundays. Practices are at the coaches discretion. Your child can turn 14 after the season, but not during the season.