Director - Keith Beebe

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These players will also be playing on a larger field with larger nets. Some more rules are enforced at this age, with youth refereeā€™s utilized to help enforce these rules. Players will now be called for fouls in addition to normal rules such as throw-ins, corner kicks and goal kicks, for a complete list of the rules please visit our website, The town age is where we start to encourage players to play as a team while still using their individual skills learned in the earlier programs. You will also see a bit more structure around positions, but again players should not be left in one position alone. Rotating the players will help them develop into a very well rounded team and individual soccer player. Concentration on some tactical play will help the players in this age group develop into future travel players. Coaches are still typically parent volunteers, but usually have some soccer experience. That being said the directors are always available to teach coaches as needed. There are multiple courses that a parent can take to help learn as well.