Director - Joe Cox

Email - jcox@mtys.org

Players will be playing 5v5 or 6v6 on a slightly larger field with a goalie and with some basic rules. Basic soccer rules such as throw-ins, goal kicks and corner kicks are part of this game. We also assign a youth referee to officiate the game and help enforce the rules while still teaching the players. For a complete set of rules for Micro’s please click here, www.mtys.org. The main focus at this age group is individual skill combined with team work on a basic level. Creative play comes from individual skill, this is very important at this age. Things like not taking the ball from your team mate and working together to defend would be examples of team work. While positions are an important part of the game of soccer, it is not the primary focus at this age group. Players will be introduced but not held to a specific spot. All players at this age should be rotated through the various spots on the field to encourage learning and fun.