Is Travel Soccer For My Child?

Monroe Township travel soccer program provides the opportunity for teams to compete against similarly skilled teams in the South Jersey area. It provides a competitive training and playing environment for those players (and their families) who have the required athletic ability, soccer skills, commitment, and can meet the other demands placed upon them. Travel soccer is devoted to player and team development at a competitive level. Our travel program exists as a higher level athletic experience.

Our teams compete in two leagues South Jersey Soccer League (boys) and South Jersey Girls Soccer League (girls). You will have the opportunity to play against competitive teams as far north as Princeton and as far south as Cape May. Players are grouped upon age and gender and can start at U8 (seven years old) and play all the way until their high school years. Teams are placed in “flights” or a division based on the strength of the teams. There are typically 10 games in the Fall season and 10 games in the Spring season. Since this is travel soccer part of the commitment is traveling, you will be required to travel to surrounding towns for half of the games and the other half will be played on our home fields at Berwick Complex.

Interested players must attend a try out, not everyone will make the roster. All players will be evaluated by the team coach and or trainer. Players are evaluated on their skill, agility, and team play. Try outs are typically held during the Spring for the following Fall season and the player must attend one of the two dates. The more try out sessions attended, the better the chance to properly evaluate the player.

Once chosen players will be required to attend two nights of practice and one game day. Girl teams play on Saturday afternoons and boy teams play on Sunday afternoons. The cost of travel soccer is slightly higher than recreational soccer. Club registration fees as of 2021 are $150 and additional monies will be needed for uniform kits and team trainers. Upon acceptance to the team offer you will get a clearer breakdown of what is expected by your coach/trainer. Travel teams may also compete in tournaments and this will be an additional cost to you. Tournaments give teams the opportunity to play multiple games a weekend against many different clubs. It’s a great experience for the players and coaches.

Hopefully the information we provided helps in your decision to advance to the travel soccer level. It is a great opportunity for your child if they are serious and want to grow and develop as a soccer player. For additional questions or concerns please contact the travel soccer director Doug Priestley ( or the President Marcus Brown (

Thank You