MTYS Logo History

Throughout the life of MTYS there have been many changes.  To read about how everything started with the club, please read the article written by Ed Berwick, one of the founding members of MTYS.  Other important changes in the clubs history are the change from Red and Black Uniforms to Blue and White and the Logo.  So far in MTYS history there have been 4 official logos.  Here is a little bit about each logo.
This is the only graphic available for the original logo.  This is not actually the most accurate representation of our original logo.  The ball has been changed on this logo.  For the most accurate look you would need to look at the slate sign as you enter the MTYS complex.

This logo was a depiction of our location in Gloucester County.  I am not positive who the original designer of this logo was, but it was our logo from 1974 – 2005

In 2005, it was voted by the Board of Directors to change the logo.  They decided to hold a contest with the players of the club to see who could come up with a new logo design.  After going through the various entries, the board all agreed to have this design to the right as our new logo.

This logo was created by Eric and Michael Barbalace, 2 players at the time for MTYS.  This became the official logo of MTYS from 2005 – 2008.

In the beginning of 2007, Monroe Township Parks and Rec director Jim Bonder came to our board asking if we would consider changing our colors.  Until this point our official colors for the club were Red and Black.  Since our school and township colors were Blue and White, the request only seemed logical.  It was discussed and eventually agreed upon to change our official club colors.  This of course meant that we were going to have to change our logo.  We finally settled on the design that you see today on the side of the complex and on various cars today.

This logo was created by David Debreceni and became the official logo of MTYS in 2008.

In 2018 our logo was rebranded once again, using the same color palette of royal blue and white