Team Ekimoglou Wins Academy Championship

Goes undefeated for the fall season

Team Ekimoglou defeats Team Armano 3-1 to wrap up the 2017 Fall Academy Championship.  With the victory, Team Ekimoglou remains undefeated at 10-0 for the season.  Team Ekimoglou started the playoffs by beating Team Galante 6-2 while Team Armano slipped past Team DaGastino 2-1 to set up the championship match between the top 2 teams.  In the consolation round, Team Bouffard topped Team Penn 3-0 and Team McDevitt bested Team Le 7-4.  Team McDevitt ousted Team Bouffard 5-1 to take 5th place.  The 3rd place game between Team Galante and Team DaGastino was postponed due to schedule conflicts and an unplayable field.  Congratulations to Team Ekimoglou on their Championship and the rest of the teams for a fun season!