June 1 - July 30

Fall 2022 Online REC (Soccer T, Micro, Town & Academy, Soccer Buddies) Registration – Open <---Link to registration

Fall 2022 Online TRAVEL (Travel & EDP) Registration – Open <--- Link to registration



Registration Fees:

Program Cost Ages Includes Day
Soccer T $100 4-5 T-Shirt, Socks Sun
Micro $110 6-7 T-Shirt, Socks, Ball Sat
Town Boys $110 8-10 T-Shirt, Socks, Ball Sat
Town Girls $110 8-10 T-Shirt, Socks, Ball Sun
Academy $110 11-13 T-Shirt, Socks, Ball Sun
Travel $150 U8-U18 Jersey Kit NOT Included B:Sun, G: Sat
Soccer Buddies $0 All T-Shirt, Socks, Ball Sun
EDP $70 U8-U18 Jersey kit NOT included Varies

Oldest Birth year for Academy is January 2009.

Other Fees:

Fee Cost
Fundraiser (mandatory) $50/registration - max household limit of 2
1.  Travel Registration Closes on - 7/30/22 (a late fee of $50 will be assessed after 7/16/22)
2.  Player cards will not be distributed for travel players that have not registered and paid.
3.  Recreation Registration Closes on 7/30/22 (a late fee of $50 will be assessed after 7/20/22)

4.  In compliance with Megan’s Law we are implementing a background check for all coaches. It is a mandatory check to make sure our players are protected. In order to pay for this we are charging $5 extra per registration. This is to cover the cost of each coach’s background check and all money is strictly used for this purpose only.

5. There is a Fundraiser for the club for the Fall season.  Cost is $50 that will be applied to the overall cost during registration.  For households with more than 2 children enrolled with MTYS, only 2 fundraisers will be assessed at checkout.
     This years Fall fundraiser will provide families will a ticket booklet per child with 10 tickets (2 max) that they can then turn around and sell for $5/ea.  These tickets then get returned to the club and are entry points into our raffle which can result in a number of prizes.  This years prizes include:
  • 1st Prize: Visa Gift Card ($1500 value)
  • 2nd Prize Visa Gift Card ($1000 value)
  • 3rd Prize: Visa Gift Card ($500 value)
  • 4th-8th Prize: Visa Gift Card ($400 each place)
  • A Grand Total of $5000.00 worth of Prizes.

    The drawing for the raffle will take place on TBD at Berwick Soccer complex.

   Entire proceeds will benefit the players of MTYS.

Any questions or problems please email registrations@mtys.org you will receive a response from someone with in 24 hrs.