This year Opening Night Ceremonies are scheduled for Friday evening on September 7th, 2012. (Rain Date of September 14th)

Following in an agenda and highlights of the evening.
  • Coaches and players need to be at the complex and grouped by teams by 5:30. (There will be volunteers helping to coordinate organizing the teams). However, it should be fairly easy to find your location as there will be signs set up for each team. Please make sure you know your team number in order to find the appropriate sign for lineup. We are asking that the parents remain to the right side of the snack stand when the teams move around the front to the left side. Our intention is to have a tent set up across the sidewalk in front of the snack stand, which the teams will walk through, as they are announced by a DJ.
  • Ceremonies will begin promptly at 6:00 pm. We are encouraging everyone to make sure they are allowing enough time. With the amount of traffic we had last year, we are also highly encouraging and recommending carpooling if possible. The fewer cars, the easier it will be on everyone.
  • Banner Contest- There will be a Banner Contest for all teams. We are asking that each team create a banner as part of a team building experience. The teams will carry their banner through the tent and onto the field as part of the ceremonies. (Pictures of each team with their banner will be taken at this point. Judging of the banners will take place the following week and winning teams will be notified by email.) Banners are to be no larger than 60”x30” and should show individual team spirit. Have fun with this and get to know each other.
(1) $50 prize will be awarded in each division for the best banner—Soccer T, Micro, Town (which includes Travel Academy) and Travel
  • Each team will create a Team Name. The Team Name should appear on your banner and will also be used to announce your team during the ceremonies.
There will be inflatable’s for the kids, Mr. Softie and food vendors will be on site along with the snack stand for refreshments and we will have skydivers from Freefall Adventures to bring down the first ball. We are looking forward to another fun filled evening for all this year.
MTYS Opening Night Committee