There are various forms that are required for players and coaches during soccer registration as well as for travel teams during the season.  Form requirements per league and other relevant forms are outlined below and can be downloaded from the links on the left.

Player Forms

Recreational Program

  • There are no required paper forms.  All information will be gathered during online or in-person registration.
  • MTYS Medical Release

Travel Program 

  • NJYSL Medical Release
  • NJYSL Player Membership Form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport-Sized Photo


Coaching Forms

Recreational Program

Travel Program 


Other Forms

  • MTYS Fundraising Form - required for all fundraising activities and must be submitted to for approval prior to fundraising event.
  • NJYSL Player/Coach Release Form - used for a player or coach that is to be removed from an active travel team roster.
  • Secondary Player Add Form - required for a player which is to be rostered with a team outside of their primary team in which they are carded.




New Jersey Youth Soccer League (NJYSL) Forms

All forms are valid for 2012-2013 season and are in PDF form


Any questions please email