Upcoming 2019 (GIRLS travel) important dates to remember

Girls travel soccer

Upcoming 2019 dates to remember for Coaches (Girls Travel):


The Fall 2019 Ratings Meeting will be held on Monday, July 15th at Pennsauken High School  - please note this location as it is different from past seasons. 
The specific times for each age group are listed below.

The Pre-Ratings will be posted on the league website on or before Friday, 7/12. We will be handling all comments and requests directly at the meeting so please do not send them prior to the meeting.

Please note that, while attendance at the meeting is not mandatory, it cannot be guaranteed that a team's flight will not be changed at the meeting. Therefore, it is suggested that either you or a representative attend the meeting if you are concerned about a possible change to your flight.


TIME         AGE        ROOM

7:15             U-8             A

7:15            U-15            B

7:30            U-9              A

7:30           U-14              B

7:50           U-13              A

7:50           U-12              B

8:15           U-10              A

8:15           U-11              B