Being a Board Member

About being a Board Member for MTYS
Currently our board consists of 14 people/positions that share the workload of operating the soccer organization. Our organization is completely private and is wholly owned by the members of the organization. We receive no funding from the township, all of the clubs funds are derived from registrations, fundraisers, and sponsorships. As a board member you have many responsibilities, but the most important one is the continued operation and funding of the club. Below are some basic details about being a board member. Please read this carefully and consider all items before deciding to join the board. Of note if you can only donate time in small chunks or have a particular skill that would be of benefit to the club, we are always looking for volunteers to help outside of the board.
How do I become a board member?
Board members are nominated at our open meeting in November. Any voting member may be nominated to the board. A voting member is someone who is either a current Director, Official Coach, or a parent/guardian of current players in the league. Once nominated you must accept your nomination. You are elected to the board by majority vote and it is also dependent upon how many positions are available. Currently, we have several positions available
Duties of a board member
All board members are responsible for the operation and financial well being of the organization. This entails doing general duties around the club on weekends or weeknights. Some of the general duties that everyone is responsible for are: Attendance to monthly meetings, Attention to General Club business, Fiscal responsibility of the club, Full day of Duty on rotating schedule during seasons, General Club Liaison, Monitoring of League Play, Lining of fields, Snack stand help, Assisting in field/club maintenance, keeping the fields and building clean.

There are also various very specific jobs that require one or more people to take complete ownership of in order to maintain the club. There are various jobs that are part of the organization and some take more time than others but a basic list of these are:

  • Officer Positions - Voted on every year
    • President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary
  • General Duty Jobs - Volunteered for
    • Travel League director, Recreational League Director, Individual League directors such as Town, Micro and Soccer T, Registrar, Fundraising, Sponsors, Website Management, Uniforms and Equipment, Snack Stand, Buildings and Grounds and other minor positions.

For Detailed information about these positions please email and we can answer any questions you may have.

Is being a board member for me?

Please consider this before you decide if joining the board is right for you, can you commit the time needed to be part of this organization. You should be able to count on about 5 hours a week of time during off periods and upwards of 15 hours of time during prep periods which occur right before seasons begin. Some jobs require a bit more time than others and some jobs require more manual work vs. office work. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you can join our group and effort in making Monroe Soccer a great experience for kids.